Globe Valve - Bolted Bonnet

CAMTECH Globe valves are heavy duty, outside screw and yoke type, Bolted bonnet, rising stem and rising handwheel type. These valves are highly efficient for service requiring frequent operation and throttling. These valves are handwheel operated and gear operated depending upon the size. Globe valves are generally considered for moderate control and regulation of fluid.

Some of the design features are as below:

  • Cast body precisely machined with integral flanges.
  • Cast bonnet with integral yoke for better alignment and fewer parts.
  • Disc is ground and lapped for better finish and sealing. The disc is integrally guided to assure true alignment between disc and valve body. The loose disc allows for proper sealing without damage.
  • Rising stem with precision ACME thread with single or double start for quick operation.
  • Stem packing is designed for optimum control of fugitive emission leakage to the atmosphere and is assured by the polished finish stem sealing area.
  • Live loading on packing can be provided as request.
  • Back seat shall be either threaded or welded in to facilitate the replacement of packing under line pressure.
  • Seat rings are welded in or integral to provide bubble tight joint.
  • Two piece gland and gland flange arrangement for reduced stem wear.
  • Impactor handwheel can also be provided as needed.
  • Nace service either MR-01-75 or MR-01-03 as required.
  • Valves can be supplied with Pneumatic, Hydraulic or electric actuators.
  • Accessories like limit switch, etc can be provided as optional.

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