Dual Plate Check Valve

Camtech Dual Plate Check Valve is retainerless design with intrinsically fire safe by design. Dual plate design minimize valve cracking pressure and reduces valve pressure drop. Spring loaded plates assist valve closing to ensure tight seal and minimize slamming. These valves are unidirectional valves and restrict flow from opposite direction. These valves are best suited for moderate velocity conditions. These are normally designed for horizontal flow condition, but can also be installed in vertical pipeline, but in vertical pipeline, the flow shall be in upwards direction and under the disc.

Some of the design features are as below:

  • Cast body precisely machined with no threaded holes and crevice, hence reduce crevice / thread corrosion and carefully designed to minimize pressure drop.
  • Stellited lapped seats for increased seat life and better performance.
  • High performance spring design.
  • Shock bumpers prevent slamming with springs and pins.
  • Hinge pin is part of the trim, in forged stainless steel and machined from ground bar. The hinge pin is held in position in the body with two supports.
  • These pins can be easily removed for valve maintenance.
  • Stop pins is part of the trim, in forged stainless steel and machined from ground bar. It helps to stop the disc from slamming and retains the spring thrust.
  • Innovative pin design to eliminate the disc drag on the body seat, which increases the seat life.
  • Independent disc springs for equal closing rate of each disc.
  • Discs open 85° to ensure positive closing.
  • Nace service either MR-01-75 or MR-01-03 as required.

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